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What type of material can be recycled?

Most types of material can be recycled.
Unfortunately, we don't have the space or resources to facilitate them all.
We do not take anything considered hazardous or cardboard.

Do I have to have I.D.?

YES we do require I.D.
ALL materials MUST be from California
(we require I.D. and we do check for the labels to confirm materials are from California)

Do I need to remove the caps?

Yes, caps need to be removed from all containers.
However, they are recyclable & we will pay for them if you bring them at the same time you bring in your bottles they go with.  So just save them in a bag and bring them with you!

What is CRV?

CRV stands for California Redemption Value. When cans and bottles are purchased in a store the consumer pays the CRV, when they are returned for recycling that money is redeemed.

Do I need to separate my material?

Yes. Material should be separated as follows:

CRV Aluminum

Plastic #1


CRV Plastic #3-7

Clear Glass

Brown Glass

Green Glass

Scrap Metal should be separated by type

How do I know if a container qualifies for CRV?

All CRV containers are labeled CRV, CA Cash Refund, or CA Redemption.
Almost all aluminum, plastic, and glass beverage containers are included in the program.
If you are unsure just ask.

Can my cans be crushed?

Yes, your cans may be crushed. (THEY CAN NOT BE BAILED)
They do not have to be crushed we accept them either way.

Can I recycle non-CRV containers?

Yes. We accept plastic #1 & #2 that is non-CRV.
All other non-CRV plastics you can recycle in the bin provided through the garbage company.

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